All About Club Vdub

The idea behind Club Vdub was to make an online community of car and automobile enthusiast centered around Volkswagen and VAG brands and products. However it is not limited to those brands by any means. We are all car guys and true car guys appreciate the power, design, ingenuity, beauty and production of many cars and their makers. If you like imports you are welcomed. If you like Hot Rods, then you are welcomed. If you like Classics, Sport Bikes, Choppers, Low Riders, Exotics and/or Muscle Cars, you are welcomed.

As the site grows we plan to:

  1. Add groups for specific subjects.
  2. Add forums for sharing knowledge and information.
  3. Add an events section to alert users on whats going on in the world of automobiles near them.
  4. Incorporate an online shop for Club Vdub merchandise.

So come on in. Join up and contribute and be part of something cool.

Happy Dubbing!

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